Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls Biden ‘Unfit’ to Serve as President, Suggests 25th Amendment or Impeachment

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), in a recent post, highlighted one of his recent interviews in which he took issue Joe Bidenof his suitability to serve as President, citing his alleged mishandling of confidential documents.

What happened: On Friday, Greene posted a clip of her interview in which she expresses her opinions on President Joe Biden’s alleged unfitness to serve as POTUS. He claimed that although he is accused of mishandling classified documents, he “carries a nuclear football.”

“He is making the most important decisions for the country and, to a large extent, for the entire world. Yet he is unable to stand trial? For all the documents he kept not only as vice president but also as a senator? This is extremely serious,” Greene said during the interview.

Greene also highlighted recent conversations about Biden being mentally unfit, adding that his “clarity of mind” is integral to his role as president and that Democrats can no longer hide his incapacity.

In her post, Greene also suggested two “solutions”: the 25th Amendment or impeachment.

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Because matter: This post follows a special counsel investigation into Biden’s handling of classified documents, which concluded without criminal charges despite the discovery of classified materials in unsecured locations on Biden’s properties.

Greene has been outspoken in her criticism of Biden, opposing many of his policies and initiatives. Recently, she publicly criticized Biden’s proposal to eliminate seat selection fees for families with children on flights, suggesting he was “pandering for votes.”

Greene’s tweet also appears to allude to recent gaffes committed by Biden, reigniting debates over his age and fitness for office. For the second time the President mistakenly referred to dialogue with a deceased European leader.

Greene previously criticized Biden’s foreign policy following the deaths of three US soldiers in Jordan, attributing the incident to “reckless foreign policy decisions” and the military’s “woke leadership”.

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