Putin Tells Tucker He Aware of Tucker’s Attempt to Join the CIA, Says ‘Thank God They Didn’t Let You In’ (VIDEO) | The Gateway Expert

In his meeting with Tucker Carlson, Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed that Tucker had previously attempted to join the CIA but had been denied the job.

The topic came up when Putin declared that a coup had been committed in Ukraine, to which Tucker responded: “With whose support?”

Putin replied: “With the support of the CIА, of course; the organization you wanted to join in the past, as I understand it.”

The president of Russia continued: “We should thank God that they did not let you in, even though it is a serious organization.”

Tucker did not deny Putin’s claim.


Rumors have long been circulating that after graduation, Tucker Carlson applied for a position in the CIA but was denied the job.

Tucker himself did not address the rumors, but one thing is clear: US intelligence agencies are not too fond of one of America’s boldest journalists.

The former Fox News host previously reported that the NSA was spying on his communications.

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