Antony Blinken raises alarm over Xi Jinping’s support for Russia during US-China talks

In a recent meeting in Beijing, the US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken expressed concern about China’s support for the Russian military, potentially straining ongoing efforts to mend relations between the two countries.

What happened: Blinken, during a five-and-a-half-hour discussion with China’s top diplomat Wang Yihighlighted, among other controversial topics, the issue of China’s support for the Russian military, Reuters reported.

“The Secretary discussed concerns about PRC support for the Russian defense industrial base,” the US State Department spokesperson said Matthew Millerreferring to the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

Despite its “no limits” partnership with Moscow, China has refrained from supplying weapons for Russia’s war in Ukraine. However, US officials warn that Chinese companies are aiding the arms industry, potentially jeopardizing broader bilateral relations.

Highlighting the escalating tensions, shortly before Blinken’s arrival in China on Wednesday, the U.S. president Joe Biden signed a bipartisan bill. The bill allocated $8 billion to counter China’s military capabilities, substantial defense aid for Taiwan and $61 billion for Ukraine.

Wang stressed that the United States must not violate “red lines” related to sovereignty, security and development interests, alluding to Taiwan and the disputed South China Sea.

Blinken is expected to have a brief meeting with the Chinese president Xi Jinping. Before Friday’s discussions, U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen indicated that the Biden administration was keeping all options open in response to China’s excess industrial capacity.

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Because matter: The United States is increasingly vocal about China’s role in Russia’s military activities. Earlier this month, Blinken suggested imposing sanctions on Chinese banks for their alleged support of Russia’s war in Ukraine. This move was seen as a clear indication of growing US concerns about China’s involvement in the conflict.

Meanwhile, the European Union has also criticized China’s support for Russia. The EU’s top diplomat in Asia, Niclas KvarnstromBeijing recently warned that its continued support for Russia represents a major obstacle to improving EU-China relations.

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