Washington State Rethinks ‘Prohibited Conduct,’ New Hampshire Discusses Pot Franchise Model, and More

In a significant move, the Washington Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) is reviewing the “prohibited conduct rule,” known for targeting LGBTQ+ bars, to amend or repeal it. This step, driven by resistance from the public and activists, marks a push towards more inclusive and equitable cannabis regulations. The decision, which will potentially change the rule as early as March, highlights the power of community involvement in shaping equitable policies.

Florida THC limit debate

In contrast, Florida faces controversy over proposed THC limits in hemp products, suggesting a divide on the issue of cannabis regulation. The bill, presented by the art Representative Tommy Gregoryaims to limit THC content, sparking debate over the potential economic impact on the hemp industry.

Despite Gregory’s assurances, industry stakeholders have expressed concern about the bill’s implications for business and consumer safety, highlighting the complex balance between regulation and economic vitality.

New Hampshire and national trends

New Hampshire’s latest attempt to legalize cannabis reflects ongoing legislative challenges and lawmakers’ changing perspectives. This legislation proposes a statewide franchise model for cannabis sales, with the goal of creating 15 statewide stores operated by the Liquor Commission.

Additionally, the bill addresses concerns related to public cannabis use by proposing criminal sanctions only after repeat offenses.

Likewise, debates in Missouri over the regulation of hemp-based intoxicating products and Delaware’s delayed timeline for adult-use marijuana sales point to a nationwide reevaluation of cannabis laws.

Delaware is facing delays in rolling out its adult-use cannabis market, with regulatory timelines pushing the start of retail sales perhaps until March 2025. The state is also considering allowing existing medical cannabis dispensaries to serve both medical patients and recreational consumers in the meantime. .

This strategy aims to ensure that medical patients’ needs are met without overwhelming supply once the market expands, Marijuana Moment reported.

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