Trump vs. Haley: One candidate leads in critical state, poll finds

According to a new poll, former Pres Donald Trump took command over the former governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haleyin its home state.

Results of a poll conducted by American Promise and Tyson Group, a Florida-based pollster, reveal that Trump enjoys the support of 58% of likely Republican primary voters in South Carolina, significantly surpassing Haley’s 31%.

The poll also indicates that 11% of voters are still undecided about their choice.

Trump’s dominance is evident among various demographic groups, except self-styled Democrats, 49% of whom favor Haley.

Additionally, Trump’s favorability ratings are solid, with 68% of respondents viewing him positively and 44% expressing strong favorability. By comparison, Haley’s favorability is 56%, with 23% of respondents strongly supporting her.

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The survey also shed light on South Carolina voters’ top concerns, with the economy and immigration emerging as the top issues.

Despite her recent third-place finish in Iowa and an 11-point deficit to Trump in New Hampshire, Haley remained steadfast in her campaign. However, Trump’s substantial support base in South Carolina, including support from Governor Henry McMaster AND His. Tim Scott (R-SC), further consolidated his leadership in the state.

As Haley continues to assert her independence from the “political elite,” the Trump campaign, through spokesperson Steven Cheung, has spoken openly about Haley’s perceived difficulties in competing effectively in South Carolina.

The poll, which surveyed 543 likely Republican primary voters from Jan. 24 to 26, carries a margin of error of plus or minus 4.4 percentage points.

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