“Stop complaining about Trump”: Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte tells Europe after the former president’s comments on NATO

Marco Ruttethe outgoing prime minister of the Netherlands, has advised Europe to stop complaining about the former US president Donald Trump and focus instead on supporting Ukraine.

What happened: Rutte, a leading candidate for NATO secretary general, spoke at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday. He suggested that Europe stop complaining about Trump’s policies and focus on strengthening Ukraine, Reuters reported.

“We should stop bitching, moaning and complaining about Trump,” Rutte said. He added: “He depends on the Americans. I’m not American, I can’t vote in the United States. We have to work with whoever is on the dance floor.

Rutte also stressed the need for Europe to increase defense spending and munitions production, regardless of Trump’s potential return to office. He stressed that supporting Ukraine is in Europe’s interests.

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Despite being a potential candidate for NATO leadership, Rutte has said he is not actively campaigning for the role. The current Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberghe will step down in October 2024.

Because matter: Rutte’s remarks come amid growing concerns about the future of NATO ahead of a potential second term of the Trump administration. Trump has been vocal about his position on NATO, saying the United States would not defend any NATO ally that did not meet its defense spending commitments.

The comments have sparked fears among NATO supporters, with some Democratic lawmakers calling for the case’s verdict: “Absolutely ruinous for Donald” to safeguard the alliance. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton he also warned that Trump could withdraw the United States from NATO if re-elected.

Last month, the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskiy invited Trump to visit Kiev, on the condition that he could stop the war with Russia within 24 hours.

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