My Pillow Guy Mike Lindell’s Company Evicted from Minnesota Warehouse, Denies Financial Troubles: ‘We’re Fine’

In a recent development, My pillowthe company led by Mike Lindell, was expelled from a warehouse in suburban Minneapolis. Lindell, known for his staunch denial of the 2020 election results, rejected accusations that the eviction was a sign of financial instability.

What happened: MyPillow has been evicted from its warehouse. Lindell, however, insists that the eviction is a mere formality, as the owner wants to reclaim the property. He also denied any financial problems, saying his financial situation is on the mend, despite last year’s credit crunch that affected MyPillow’s cash flow, Politico reported.

“We’re fine,” he said, according to the report.

In the previous month, Lindell had suffered a major legal blow when a federal judge upheld a $5 million arbitration award to a software engineer who had disputed Lindell’s claims of Chinese interference in the 2020 U.S. presidential election. Lindell also confirmed that Fox News had stopped airing MyPillow commercials due to a billing dispute.

Lindell admitted that MyPillow owes approximately $217,000 in rent to a Delaware-based company First industrial LP for the Shakopee plant. He revealed that MyPillow had vacated the warehouse last June and sublet it to another company until December. However, the next subtenant backed out, leaving MyPillow in a difficult position.

Despite Lindell’s offer to find another tenant, the owner chose to regain control of the warehouse. The remaining $217,000 is for unpaid rent for January and February. Lindell also said MyPillow continues to lease space elsewhere.

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Because matter: Lindell, a vocal supporter of the former president Donald Trumphas been in the limelight for his controversial political views.

He has publicly supported Trump and predicted his victory in the 2024 election. His political stance has led to legal problems, including a $5 million arbitration award in an election fraud dispute. The eviction from the warehouse adds to the series of challenges faced by Lindell and his company.

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