Mark Zuckerberg Says Meta Will Create the “Most Popular” and “Most Advanced” AI Products: “And If We’re Successful…” – Meta Platforms (NASDAQ:META)

Thursday, during Meta Platforms Inc HALF During the Q4 2023 earnings conference call, Mark Zuckerberg talked about an important goal for the company by stating, “We will build the most popular and advanced AI products and services.”

What happened: Speaking about Meta’s main goal: to develop the most popular and advanced AI products and services, Zuckerberg said: “And if we are successful, everyone who uses our services will have a world-class AI assistant to help get things done things, every creator will do.” have an AI that their community can interact with, every company will have an AI that their customers can interact with to purchase goods and get support, and every developer will have a cutting-edge open source model to build with. “

He went on to highlight the need for a new category of computing devices, such as smart glasses, that enable seamless interaction with AIs that perceive and understand the user’s surroundings.

Meta’s CEO also recognized the evolution of services that require full general intelligence.

“Previously, I thought that because many of the tools were social, commerce, or perhaps media oriented, it would be possible to deliver these products while solving only a subset of the AI ​​challenges,” he said.

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Meta’s focus on general intelligence research and Facebook AI research o FAIR has been ongoing for over a decade. The commitment to general intelligence will now become a central theme in product development.

“Meta has a long history of integrating new technologies into our services, and we have a clear long-term plan to become a leader,” Zuckerberg said.

He then discussed the importance of a world-class computing infrastructure, revealing the expansion of GPU clusters to support evolving AI services. Learning from past experiences, Zuckerberg spoke about the need to build sufficient capabilities for future AI services, anticipating greater compute intensity in training and operational models.

“We are well positioned now because of the lessons we learned from Reels. We initially underpowered our GPU clusters for Reels. And as we were tackling this problem, I decided that we should build enough capacity to support both Reels and another Reels-service of AI of such a size that we expected to emerge so that we would not be in that situation again,” he said.

Adding: “At the time, the decision was somewhat controversial and we faced a lot of questions about CapEx spending, but I’m really happy we did it.”

Because it is important: Meta reported fourth-quarter revenue of $40.11 billion, marking a 25% increase from a year earlier. According to data from Benzinga Pro, this revenue surpassed the Street consensus estimate of $39.17 billion.

The tech giant expects first-quarter revenue to be between $34.5 billion and $37.0 billion.

“We expect that our ambitious long-term efforts in AI research and product development will require increasing infrastructure investments beyond this year,” Meta said.

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