Kim Jong Un says he has the legitimate right to destroy South Korea, his ‘primary enemy’: ‘Peace is not something that should be begged for’

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un made a bold statement, asserting its legal right to annihilate South Korea.

What happened: Kim made the statement during a visit to the Ministry of Defense to commemorate the founding of the North Korean military, according to the official Korean Central News Agency. He accused South Korea’s “puppets” of rejecting Pyongyang’s cooperative efforts and pursuing the absorption of its neighbor.

Kim declared South Korea to be the “main enemy” and justified that “we have the legality to strike and destroy at any time.”

“Peace is not something that should be begged for or obtained in exchange for talks,” Kim said.

This statement comes after North Korea’s parliament abolished laws for economic cooperation with South Korea, further straining already strained relations between the two countries.

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President of South Korea Yoon Suk YeolThe administration sees these actions as an attempt by North Korea to increase its visibility ahead of parliamentary elections in April. The conservative People Power Party, which advocates a tough stance on Pyongyang, is trying to gain control of parliament from the opposition Democratic Party, which favors reconciliation with North Korea.

Kim’s recent provocations, including missile tests and aggressive rhetoric, have raised concerns about a potential military conflict. Despite international pressure, Kim has shown no signs of returning to nuclear disarmament talks and has continued to develop new weapons capable of hitting the United States and its allies in Asia.

Because matter: This latest development is part of a series of escalations by North Korea. In January, Kim also called South Korea the “main enemy” and said he was ready for a potential conflict. This was followed by the dissolution of government bodies responsible for maintaining relations with South Korea, indicating a deterioration of relations between the two Koreas.

More recently, North Korea terminated all agreements with South Korea regarding economic cooperation. This decision, combined with the latest threat, further highlights the growing tension on the Korean Peninsula.

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