Kari Lake gets booed at the Arizona Republican convention

Failed gubernatorial candidate/Senate candidate Kari Lake was booed at the Arizona Republican convention when she said Arizona’s elections are corrupt.

Lake said: “We don’t agree on everything. But one thing we can agree on is that Arizona elections are a corrupt mess. Can we agree that Arizona elections are a corrupt mess? “

(Crowd boos)

Lake continues: “No? I know more than anyone, and President Trump knows more than anyone, this election is about ensuring that our elections in 2024 are conducted fairly.


There are many Republicans, especially in swing states, who realize that the stolen election nonsense promoted by Trump and Lake is costing the GOP elections.

Kari Lake is very likely to finish third in the likely three-way Senate race in Arizona. Lake can’t even make it through the Arizona Republican convention without getting booed. It’s hard to see how he will get enough support to be Arizona’s next senator. Polls in both Iowa and New Hampshire suggest there are a sizable number of Republicans who are tired of Trump’s spectacle and want to move on.

Kari Lake’s boos are just another sign that Trump and his team are reaching the end of the line.

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