How a jet-tracking account pushed Elon Musk into Twitter ownership

The book “Battle for the Bird” by Bloomberg Kurt Wagner reveals the intriguing backstory that leads to Elon MuskTwitter’s acquisition of

The book chronicles the journey of Twitter since its inception Jack Dorsey become a private company under Musk.

Behind Musk’s decision to buy Twitter was his irritation with the @ElonJet account, run by a University of Central Florida student Jack Sweeneyaccording to an excerpt from the book shared by Bloomberg.

This account, which tracked the movements of Musk’s private jet using public data, would become a thorn in Musk’s side.

Despite the complaints of Musk, then CEO Parag Agrawal refused to close the account, setting the stage for Musk’s eventual takeover. This crucial moment is detailed in Wagner’s book.

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“Musk unsuccessfully petitioned Agrawal to remove a Twitter account tracking his private plane,” Wagner wrote. “The billionaire began buying Twitter shares shortly after Agrawal denied his request.”

Despite his stated dedication to free speech, Musk’s $44 billion acquisition of Twitter in October 2022 quickly led to the suspension of the @ElonJet account and legal threats against Sweeney, who had to change his publishing strategy.

The book also sheds light on Musk’s tumultuous tenure at Twitter, highlighting his swift actions against Agrawal and significant layoffs within the company.

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