Forcepoint Federal changes name to Everfox to reflect the new era of defense cybersecurity


HERNDON, VA…(COMMERCIAL WIRE)– Forcepoint Federal today announced that it has rebranded Everfox to reflect its next chapter as a pioneer in the development and delivery of defense-grade cybersecurity technologies. With the new name and brand identity, Everfox will build on Forcepoint Federal’s 25-year legacy of innovation and unwavering dedication to its customers and the critical missions they serve.

“Everfox will continue to protect government, critical infrastructure and regulated industries from the most complex cyber challenges around the world,” said Sean Berg, CEO of Everfox. “We are accelerating investments in our industry-leading solutions in cross-domain technologies, cyber threat protection and insider risk; deepen our relationships with our customers and partners; and expand our capabilities to further protect what matters most in the world. We’re entering 2024 with tremendous momentum, welcoming several new additions to our leadership team, launching an exciting partnership with Microsoft, and celebrating winning two industry awards for our Zero Trust CDR solution – and we’re just getting started.”

Under Sean’s leadership, Everfox has made several additions to its leadership team, including new CFO, Trish Haney; Chief Revenue Officer, Shaun Bierweiler; Director of Human Resources, Karen Clark; Legal Director, James Wallace; and Chief Information Security Officer, Joseph Bell.

With its recent announcement Association with Microsoft, Everfox will integrate its industry-leading cross-domain solutions technology into its Azure cloud services offering for the U.S. government. Through this partnership, Everfox and Microsoft will develop and deploy new cloud offerings for federal agencies that provide on-demand, tiered cloud desktop services.

Everfox’s Zero Trust Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) solution was recently named the “most innovative content disarm and reconstruction solution” by Cyber ​​Defense magazine for its Best InfoSec Innovator Awardand “Best Zero Trust IT Solution” for American Security Today’s 2023 Astors Awardsreflecting Everfox’s legacy of innovation and capabilities to defend against the most complex cybersecurity challenges.

Everfox will operate from its headquarters in Herndon, Virginia, as well as four additional locations in Champaign, Illinois; Richardson, Texas; Salt Lake City, Utah; and Malvern, United Kingdom.

To learn more about Everfox, formerly Forcepoint Federal, visit or meet the team at AFCEA West Conference and Exhibition AND AFCEA Rocky Mountain Cyberspace Symposium this February.

About Everfox

Everfox, formerly Forcepoint Federal, has been defending the world’s most critical data and networks from the most complex cyber threats imaginable for more than 25 years. As a pioneer in defense-grade high-assurance cybersecurity, Everfox has led the way in the provision and development of innovative cybersecurity technologies. Headquartered in Herndon, Virginia, the Everfox suite of cross-domain, threat protection and insider risk solutions enables governments and enterprise organizations to use data securely, wherever and however their employees need it. Learn more:

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