Nikki Haley goes to CNN – She hits Trump, announces her support for the “Border Bill” which gives 60 billion to Ukraine and 20 billion dollars to the border (Video) | The Gateway Expert

Nikkii Haley goes on CNN to bash President Trump and accuse him of playing politics with the open border.

Is Nikki Haley a Democrat plant?

The former governor of South Carolina went on CNN on Sunday and accused President Trump of playing politics with the southern US border open.

He also announced his support for the Senate “border bill” that gives $60 billion to Ukraine and only $20 billion to border control. This alone should mark the end of his political career.

Dana Bash: Are you saying the former president is playing politics with the border?

Nikki Haley: WELL, I think no one should play politics with the border. First of all, he shouldn’t be involved in telling Republicans to wait until the election because we don’t want that to help Biden win. We can’t wait another day. There are millions of people who have arrived at that border. They are not monitored. America is acting like it’s September 10th. It’s best to remember what it felt like on September 12th because it only takes one. This is not the time for politics…

Dana Bash: And he?

Nikki Haley: What I think is that they need to come up with something… Indeed it is. He is absolutely playing politics by telling them to do nothing.

Nikki has always been a less than impressive politician.

Now she just seems like a Democrat scammer.

He’s really working hard for those Democratic votes.

Via Bad Hombre and Catturd2.

The immigration bill is a travesty that continues the current invasion at the border. It will only get worse.
Nikki and the Senate RINOs support this.

The bill provides more to Ukraine than to the US Marine Corps.
via Catturd2

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