Donald Trump spends millions on his legal defense: here are the lawyers who earn the most

Former president Donald Trump significantly increased its legal defense expenses. Last year, his fundraising committees significantly increased their legal fees, reflecting the rising costs of his various legal challenges.

What happened: Federal records reveal that, in 2023, Trump’s groups allocated approximately $50 million for legal advice, with a notable $30 million spent in the second half of the year alone.

This spending spree offers a glimpse into the law firms and lawyers who have been the primary beneficiaries of financial support from Trump’s political committees, The Hill reported.

Chris Kise, a Florida-based attorney and former state attorney general, was at the center of many of these charges. His companies, Chris Kise & Associates and Continental PLLC, received a combined nearly $9 million.

Kise was prominently involved in the New York attorney general’s civil fraud case against Trump, focusing on alleged false alterations of the Trump Organization’s corporate assets.

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Another main recipient was Clifford Robert by Robert & Robert, which earned approximately $5.3 million.

Robert’s role included representing Trump’s adult children and other entities implicated in the New York Attorney General’s fraud case, which accuses them of complicity in financial misrepresentation.

Additional key legal figures in Trump’s defense include Dhillon’s motherwhose company raised $4.61 million, and Alina Habbawhich received over $4 million.

Dhillon has defended Trump from various voter eligibility challenges under the 14th Amendment’s insurrection ban, while Habba has been involved in numerous cases, including those brought by E. Jean Carroll.

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