Connect with your ideal audience with LinkedIn Thought Leader Ads

By creating organic marketing content via a personal LinkedIn page, Tom increased successful posts for the same audience. Creating better performing ads and more incoming demos.

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  • What is the quick marketing tactic?
  • What was the result?
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  • The author: Tom Hunt, founder and CEO of Fame.
  • The target: Switch to CPM advertising metric and reach ideal buyers.
  • The tactic: Use a tool to build a list of ideal buyers, run outbound campaigns, and then focus organic marketing content through a personal LinkedIn page, promoting successful posts to the same audience.
  • The result: Better performing ads and more incoming demos.

What is the quick marketing tactic?

Tom has adapted his marketing strategy to the changing ways consumers encounter ads. In the past, ads would interrupt and the goal was always to continue to broaden their reach to cover a larger and larger audience.

His modified tactics take a more targeted approach whilst having a more personal touch.

First, it used Apollo’s AI-assisted audience targeting tool.

With this tool, he created a list of people who were likely to be interested in what he was selling. Whether it’s him or not, emails from this tactic should come from someone you want to put front and center in your outreach: the company.

Subsequently, he moved away from posting only from his business account on LinkedIn. No matter how important your brand is, a personal post from a team member that provides informative, interesting, perhaps unusual content at zero clicks is the way to go.

When one of his LinkedIn posts performed well, instead of promoting it to a broader general audience, Tom promoted it to people on the list he created by focusing on impressions.

What was the result?

LinkedIn Ad data shows that waiting for an ad/post to start gaining traction organically is a good, cost-effective way to run a marketing campaign.

Cost per impression (CPM) indicates the power to promote organically successful posts to a select audience of potential customers you have already reached.

Why does it work?

This tactic is effective because it follows the curve of how consumers interact and interact with ads. Consumers are exposed to hundreds or thousands of advertisements per day. Naturally, we would have become desensitized to an interruption advertising style that is common and, therefore, less attention-grabbing.

Instead of wasting money trying to reach a large audience inundated with countless ads, this method takes a long-term and more targeted approach.

By creating familiarity between users and a company employee, your target audience may not see the content as an ad. Based on Tom’s experience, they will engage with whatever fun, interesting and unusual advice you provide.

By connecting with your target audience to build awareness and trust, you can take advantage of posts that already show promise by amplifying their reach with LinkedIn Ads.

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