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A new Bloomberg/Morning Consult poll shows Donald Trump beating Joe Biden in crucial states.

Is it any wonder why Biden is suddenly interested in the border crisis or why he is talking about visiting East Palestine, Ohio?

Probably because the 2024 elections are less than a year away and Trump continues to beat him in the polls.

RedState reports:

No wonder Biden is finally talking about ‘border crisis’ – find out how Trump is crushing him in the polls

Have you wondered why Joe Biden took an Orwellian turn and suddenly talked about a “border crisis” – something he and his administration have denied was a crisis for the past three years? And why is he suddenly trying to blame Republicans, who have been calling for action on the crisis all this time?

Yes, it’s because of the election, but it’s also because polls in swing states show him being crushed by former President Donald Trump — and in particular they show him being crushed on that particular issue.

Check out this survey; must shake Biden’s people.

Not only is it now up in all seven swing states, but it’s up in big numbers in some of those states as well. Trump leads by eight in Nevada and by ten in North Carolina. Even surprisingly up by five in Michigan and eight in Georgia.

See the tweets below for the numbers:

Much of the 2024 election will hinge on Rust Belt states like Michigan and Wisconsin. Same with Pennsylvania.

Trump now leads all of these, according to this poll.

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