Will you provide X with your biometric data? – Safe Week with Tony Anscombe


The update to X’s privacy policy has sparked some questions among privacy and security officials, including how long X will retain users’ biometric information and how the data will be stored and protected

Will you provide X with your biometric data to protect your account on the site? The social media platform formerly known as Twitter has announced that it will begin collecting biometric data from its paying users to help combat fraud and impersonation on the site.

The upgrade to Privacy Policy – which also includes the initiative to start collecting users’ employment and work history – has inevitably sparked discussions and questions from privacy and security officials, including:

  • How long will X retain biometric data?
  • How will the data be stored?
  • How will it be guaranteed?
  • Why will the move only apply to paying users?

Find out more in Tony’s video.

ESET researcher Cameron Camp also recently reflected on the implications of delivering biometric data to online services. Be sure to read it here: Has your face been stolen lately?

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