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Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy certainly has a way of stepping into the shoes of the White House press secretary, but he usually maintains a veneer of civility in answering (or evading) his questions.

Yesterday, however, Doocy’s question about President Joe Biden’s alleged séances with long-dead world leaders caused Karine Jean-Pierre to finally give up trying to give him a real answer.

Now, Jean-Pierre and his colleagues in the Biden administration never react particularly well to Biden’s clear cognitive impairment, but no one can spin his gaffe in Nevada over the weekend as anything other than a sign that Sleepy Joe should be snoozing in a swing. he sits in the old people’s home.

Not only did Biden, seeking to brag about his accomplishments as president, describe a meeting with world leaders in 2021 that would include Francois Mitterrand, who left as president of France in 1995 and died in 1996, but he also initially described Mitterrand as the German president rather than the French one.

Naturally, this will raise some questions, both among journalists and ordinary voters.

So when Jean-Pierre spoke to reporters on Tuesday, he should have had some sort of response ready for Biden’s grave mistake.

Perhaps we expect too much from our president’s geriatric friends.

As seen in this video shared by Citizen Free Press, Doocy asked Jean-Pierre: “How will President Biden convince three-quarters of his voters, who are concerned about his physical and mental health, that he is fine, even if in In Las Vegas you said you recently spoke to a French president who died in 1996?”

Instead of making even the feeblest attempt to defend the indefensible, an exhausted-looking Jean-Pierre replied, “I’m not even going to go down the rabbit hole with you, sir,” before attempting to call someone else.

Doocy doubled down, asking, “What is the rabbit hole?”

All Jean-Pierre could say: “You saw the president in Las Vegas, California. You saw the president in South Carolina. You saw him in Michigan. I’ll leave it there.”

Indeed we did, and Biden embarrassed himself in literally every one of those states. What’s your point, Karine?

We could almost sympathize with her obvious weariness in answering questions about Biden’s senility if she didn’t answer that way to almost every question from people she doesn’t like.

The inconvenient reality, at least for those trying to get the worst president in recent history reelected, is that simply seeing the old man make appearances across the country is not the “trick” Jean-Pierre wants it to be.

Doocy was right to question her on this front.

Biden’s campaign tour was an unmitigated disaster.

Every time Biden has to open his mouth in a public setting, without the carefully controlled environment of his COVID basement bunker, it only confirms the public’s suspicion that he is an old man with dementia who has no right to be leader of the country anymore powerful in the world. free world.

Biden said he spoke to President Mitterrand in 2021, when the man died in 1996, and only corrected himself when he realized he had gotten Mitterrand’s country of origin wrong.

That Jean-Pierre seems to think his response to Doocy does anything to reassure voters of Biden’s mental acuity is delusional.

The more the Democratic Party tries to cover for Biden, the more we should be like Doocy, rejecting the narrative and demanding answers to difficult questions.

Because, even though Doocy didn’t get a real answer to the questions, Jean-Pierre’s failure to answer was incredibly revealing: Democrats know that Biden is incompetent, and even they can’t explicitly defend him anymore.

This article originally appeared in The Western Journal.

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