Trump is enraged after court monitor uncovers potential tax fraud

Trump is blowing up after court-appointed monitor in New York fraud case uncovered potential tax fraud.

How much was Trump’s loan?

The court watchdog uncovered a loan that didn’t appear to exist that allowed Donald Trump to evade about $50 million in taxes.

The Daily Beast reported Trump’s legal response:

In an outraged court filing Monday morning, a lawyer for the Trumps launched an all-out attack on Judge Barbara S. Jones for the first time, calling her latest report on the family business an outright lie, an attempt cheap to justify his government. mandatory work and a last-minute ploy to bolster the New York Attorney General’s bank fraud case that just concluded.

“Further oversight is unwarranted and will only unfairly enrich the monitor as she engages in a ‘Javert’-like quest,” he wrote, referencing the fictional French law enforcement officer in Victor’s Les Misérables Hugo, who is defined by his obsessive pursuit and lack of empathy.

The Trumps also complain about having to pay $2.6 million to a court-appointed monitor. They are given what they call proof of existence of the loan which was not proof, but a note from the office ordering the “loan” to be filed in their records.

How much money could Trump lose in the New York fraud case?

Sentencing is expected this week in the New York civil fraud case against Trump, three of his adult children and the Trump Organization. If the judge grants the New York attorney general’s request to impose a fine of $370 million, Trump could see all his money wiped out.

The former president is facing four criminal trials involving 91 crimes, and it is possible that tax fraud cases will be added to his legal problems.

Trump continues to play politics, while the world he has built around him seems to be razed to the ground.

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