Trump booed at Sneaker Con in Philadelphia

Trump tried to sell his $400 sneakers at Sneaker Con and was loudly booed by the audience who made it clear how they feel about the former president.


Trump responded with boos by saying there is a lot of energy in the room, which was true, and all the energy was negative towards him.

Here are the shoes Trump was trying to sell:

Those shoes are ugly and look cheap, but Trump is desperate for money, so there will probably be many more of these appearances where the snake oil salesman shows up in a town to sell whatever scam product he has for sale in this moment.

Donald Trump usually avoids any venue where the crowd is unlikely to be devoted to MAGA, and the reception he received at a Sneaker Con shows why he avoids Pittsburgh and Philadelphia in his campaign stops in Pennsylvania.

Trump is not welcome in either part of the state, which is why he sticks to the red rural center when he visits the Keystone State.

If Trump continues to try to show his face at events that aren’t heavily staffed or filled with fans, expect more boos to come.

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