This AI manages your email while you’re out of the office and costs just $39.99

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Lack of effective communication can be costly to a company, both in terms of lost business and employee satisfaction. Apparently, according to a report by Pumble, 86% of employees and managers cite ineffective communication as the main cause of workplace failures. Even something as simple as leaving the office on vacation could cause confusion if everyone isn’t informed of your absence. That’s why it’s important to have tools that help you communicate with your team and your customers.

Snoooz is an AI-powered assistant for your inbox. It offers a range of features aimed at improving customer experience and increasing productivity. Whether you’re planning a vacation now or just want to prepare for the future, Snoooz AI is here and on sale for $39.99 for a lifetime subscription. This is a significant markdown from the regular price of $147.

Automate your inbox.

Snoooz is more than just an autoresponder that sends an out-of-office email when someone contacts you. With this advanced AI, you can customize autoresponder templates with dynamic tags and much more.

Automation features include rule-based email segmentation, sentiment detection for customer retention, language detection, auto-forwarding, and auto-ignore for non-critical interactions. This means you can set the AI ​​to automatically detect what type of email it is reading so it can respond accordingly based on your directions. You can even set response delays so your customers don’t even realize a robot responded to them.

Additionally, Snoooz integrates with Google and Outlook calendar to automatically set OOO status. No more getting off the plane for a vacation and having an inbox full of people who didn’t realize you were away.

The initial plan includes custom responses, manual backup assignment, advanced rules, sentiment detection, automatic ignore for mailing lists, Google integrations, and calendar management. It is also only available for new users.

Let AI take care of your inbox.

You may be out of the office, but your inbox doesn’t have to be.

Get a lifetime subscription to Snoooz AI for $39.99.

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