The United States faces a “serious” national security threat, says the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee

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The Republican chairman of the House Intelligence Committee called on the White House to declassify information about a “serious national security threat” and sent an email to members of Congress about a “destabilizing foreign military capability.”

President Joe Biden’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, refused on Wednesday to shed light on the hidden threat, which some US media reports are linked to Russia and space.

“Today, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence made available to all members of Congress information regarding a serious threat to national security,” Rep. Mike Turner of Ohio said in the statement.

“I call on President Biden to declassify all information related to this threat so that Congress, the Administration and our allies can openly discuss the actions necessary to respond to this threat.”

Turner also instructed other members of Congress to access details about the threat in a classified setting. A report from the Reuters news agency said the threat was linked to Russia and space.

Speaking after Turner’s statement, Sullivan said he planned to meet Thursday with a group of senior House members known as the “Gang of Eight” to brief them on the matter, but provided no details.

“I’m a little surprised that Congressman Turner came out publicly today ahead of a scheduled meeting to allow me to sit down with him alongside our intelligence and defense professionals tomorrow,” Sullivan said.

Turner’s comments come amid a growing focus in Washington on foreign conflicts, with the White House seeking to secure new funding for Ukraine in its war against Russia despite opposition from House Republicans.

Asked whether Americans should be alarmed by Turner’s warning, Sullivan said the administration is taking steps to protect them from a variety of national security threats.

“I am confident that President Biden, with the decisions he makes, will ensure the safety of the American people,” he said. “We believe we can, will, and are protecting the national security of the United States and the American people.”

Jim Himes, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said “people shouldn’t panic,” but added that while Turner was “right to highlight this issue,” it was too sensitive to discuss publicly.

“I don’t want people to think that Martians are landing or that your Wednesday will be ruined. But it’s something that Congress and the administration need to address in the medium to long term,” she said.

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