‘The shame, the horror!’: Megyn Kelly slams ‘The View’s’ Sunny Hostin, whose ancestors owned slaves


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The sightSunny Hostin, of black and Latino descent, is an advocate for reparations for slavery in the United States.

But she recently said she was “so disappointed” to learn that she, too, is the descendant of slave owners.

In other words, Hostin has white ancestors.

An amused Megyn Kelly wouldn’t just let her off the hook.

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“The shame of coming from a white person, the horror!

Conservative pundit Kelly slammed The sight co-host Tuesday, for Hostin’s remarks after learning about his white slaveholding ancestors.

Kelly said on her program ‘The Megyn Kelly Show’: “The shame of coming from a white person, the horror! Who could talk like that?”

“Can you imagine if I went along with Henry Lewis Gates and he told me I have black members in my family and I thought, ‘I’m deeply disappointed and ashamed.’ Can you imagine the reaction?” Kelly said.

“How dare he talk like that about white people,” Kelly added. “She handles it.”

Kelly said it really shouldn’t be a big surprise that Hostin has “always suspected” he had white ancestors because of his mother’s “blonde hair and light eyes.”

Kelly said Hostin was never eager to take a genetic test because she “kind of knew” she had white ancestors because of her mother’s appearance.

“She identified as black but Hispanic as ethnicity, but it turns out her race is white,” Kelly said of Hostin’s mother. “She is European. So she was a poser.

“She was a Rachel Dolezal, that’s what you’re saying,” he added.

Dolezal is a white woman who pretended to be black and who resigned as head of a branch of the NAACP in 2015 amid controversy over her true racial identity.

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Hostin makes millions, has white slaveholding ancestors, still wants retaliation

Hostin, like many other reparations advocates, would theoretically find herself in the amusing situation where, as a white woman, she is forced to pay herself reparations, as a person of color.

“I’m sure Sunny Hostin is fine with anyone who wants to identify as black in their application to Harvard, which by the way is where her son goes,” Kelly noted. “And she lives on a multi-million dollar estate. We have photos here from a magazine photoshoot she did not too long ago.

“And he makes millions of dollars on ‘The View,’ but he still wants your compensation,” Kelly concluded.

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