The Republican Party is dissolving

Rachel Maddow noted that the Republican Party under the leadership of Donald Trump appears to be on the verge of dissolving.

Transcript via MSNBC/The Rachel Maddow Show:

So, to recap, it is a political party with no party platform, no normal process of nominating its candidates, no primary debates, and no general election debates. They’re simply coming off the worst consecutive election performance of any party since before FDR, and all because that’s what Trump wants.

And of course, why should anything else matter? Because who could doubt the political instincts of a man with this kind of experience, right? With this type of electoral report.

A man who handed out fake “I’m an Auto Worker” signs in Michigan at a fake union event and then publicly archived the receipts. Who could doubt a man with political instincts of that genius level?
Why have a political party when you can just follow it wherever it goes?
Political parties are not the most important institutions in a democracy. But they are part of it. And right now, in our country, one of our two major political parties is dissolving. And just tonight, potentially preparing to oust yet another of its top leaders, all in the service of just doing things for their great leader instead of doing more normal party things and normal things for democracy.

And I don’t know how many of you watching tonight are mourning the disease and the potential demise of the Republican Party as an institution, I understand. But if we want to remain a democracy with a two-party system, there must be two parties of some kind, otherwise we will no longer be one system. We will have to develop into something else.

I mean, right now, what we’re becoming very quickly is a party on one side and just a guy on the other – a guy who’s going before the United States Supreme Court this week who’s going to decide whether maybe he might be unfit to serve never again a federal office. What is this type of system called? What could go wrong?


What is happening within the Republican Party is what Trump wants to do to America. Donald Trump wants to get rid of institutional structures and democracy. The replacement will do what the leader wants.

Trump has hollowed out the Republican Party and turned it into an organization that serves the interests of one person.

Mitch McConnell killed the bipartisan border bill because Donald Trump is the leader and wanted it dead. Rachel Maddow was right. Trump’s destruction of the Republican Party impacts democracy, not because of the loss of the GOP, but shows what can happen when democracy is replaced by an authoritarian model.

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