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Upset young activists throw soup at the Mona Lisa painting in Paris in January 2024.

Last week, crazed left-wing activists threw soup at the Mona Lisa painting in the Louvre Museum in Paris.

This has become a common tactic for climate cultists because it gets them attention that they clearly can’t do without. It does nothing to further their cause, but that’s not the point. Even many liberals think this is stupid and wrong.

Except for the folks at the Los Angeles Times. The LA Times just went through a massive round of layoffs. If they continue to publish garbage like this, they will definitely have more layoffs in the near future.

This is a real thing published by the newspaper:

How throwing soup at the Mona Lisa can help fight climate change

By combining radical forms of civil disobedience with more traditional actions, such as lobbying and state-sanctioned demonstrations, activists not only attract public attention but make less aggressive tactics more acceptable and perhaps more successful.

I study the role of disruptive policies and social movements in global climate politics and have chronicled the ebb, flow, and dynamism of climate activism. With today’s political institutions largely focused on short-term desires over long-term planetary health, and global climate negotiations moving too slowly to meet the challenge, climate activists have radically rethought their tactics.

…Criticisms of extreme activism often miss a crucial point: public reaction is not necessarily the activists’ ultimate goal. Often their purpose is to influence government and corporate decision makers.

Objections to acts of climate activism such as the latest food fight at the Louvre are understandable but may miss the point. The madness perceived by the protesters is in fact method.

It’s truly an amazing thing to see. The LA Times goes beyond parody.

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