Taylor Swift wins her fourth album of the year, but the Grammys belong to Tracy Chapman and Joni Mitchell

Taylor Swift set a record by winning her fourth Grammy for album of the year, and there were special moments with Tracy Chapman, Joni Mitchell and Billy Joel.

Joni Mitchell had the most emotional performance of the night

Can you believe Joni Mitchell had never performed at the Grammys before 2024?
It’s true, and Mitchell gave a stirring performance of his classic Both Sides Now with Brandi Carlile:

Tracy Chapman receives a standing ovation

Luke Combs has made his sincere love for Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car known. His affection and sincerity towards the song are why his cover version works. However, the roof of the arena blew off when the audience realized that Tracy Chapman was on stage.


Combs seemed to be having a blast performing with Chapman, and the best part was that he mouthed the words along with her as she sang,

Chapman received a huge standing ovation at the end of the song.

Billy Joel returns with a new song

At the Grammys it was like being transported back in time when Billy Joel was shown on stage performing his first new song in thirty years, Turn The Lights Back On.

Here’s a clip of Joel’s performance:

Jay-Z breaks a new one at the Grammys

Jay-Z ripped up the Grammys and defended Beyonce in a really cool way for the fact that she’s won more Grammys than anyone in history, but has never won Album of the Year, which makes no sense:

In the year of Swift, Taylor Swift winning Album of the Year seemed like a foregone conclusion. Swift did not take the stage to support Joe Biden. According to the right, she’s saving that for after the Chiefs win the Super Bowl next Sunday.

The Grammys are usually one of the most entertaining awards shows, and 2024 didn’t disappoint.

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