Stephen Colbert hilariously exposes Trump’s cognitive failure

Stephen Colbert analyzed Trump’s claim that he passed a brain injury test to reveal that things didn’t go as well as Trump thinks.

Colbert played a clip of Trump saying, “They give you six names in a row. I took a lot of heat on this. At the beginning they give you six names in a row. “Sir, I will give you six names.” Well. Look at them. A chair, a hat, a badge, a necklace and a vote.”

The Late Show host responded: “Okay. There’s a lot to unpack there. First of all, those aren’t names. These are things. Those aren’t names. He also said they give you six names. Chair, hat, badge, necklace, vote: that’s just five things! «Cognitive tests are like jazz. It’s about all the names you don’t remember. A-scooba-doo-da-whaaaale.’”


Trump has expanded, twisted, overturned and warped the dementia test he has advocated for years to the point where it has become one of humanity’s greatest achievements, along with the moon landing.

Trump can’t even get the number of items on the list correct when he tells the story of the cognitive test, so there should be serious doubt about whether he passed the test in the first place.

Donald Trump’s cognitive test probably consisted of identifying how many cans of Diet Coke were on the desk in front of him and a photo of Sean Hannity.

The fact that the former president can’t stop talking about a years-old dementia test suggests he may need another dementia test.

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