SNL’s Weekend Update gets there with the epic joke about Trump and Jeffrey Epstein

Weekend Update eliminated the MAGA conspiracies and worked in a strong joke about Donald Trump looking happy while dancing with Jeffrey Epstein.

Colin Jost said:

MAGA people have so many enemies to keep track of. For some reason you have to hate the NFL, Taylor Swift, Bud Light, Disney, Kristen Stewart, electric heaters, windmills, the concept of rainbows, and the green M&M.

And you have to think that everyone in the government is secretly a pedophile, except this guy who dances with Jeffrey Epstein. I mean, isn’t that the happiest thing you’ve ever seen, Trump? He is dancing as if no one is checking the documents.

Jost made another really good joke about how Fox News has covered Biden’s economy: “US oil production hit an all-time high this week and the economy added a surprisingly robust 350,000 jobs. Or, as Fox News reported, are migrants turning your kids trans?”


SNL Weekend Update jokes combined with Nikki Haley’s surprise appearance outdoors contributed to a rough night for Donald Trump.

As Americans well know, Trump constantly observes and complains about how he is treated by SNL. Furthermore, Trump has the sense of humor of someone who just stepped on a rusty nail, so he doesn’t do comedy and is incapable of making fun of himself.

The friendship with Jeffrey Epstein will not fade from the minds of the American people, and Fox News’ biases have become a running joke.

It’s a comedy, but Weekend Update highlights both the folly and the danger of Trump.

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