Senator Amy Klobuchar Bursts Kristen Welker’s Biden Attack Bubble

Kristen Welker tried to tell Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) that Biden wasn’t resonating with voters and Klobuchar wasn’t having any of it.

Transcript via Meet The Press:


Senator, let me follow you a little bit here because you cite these numbers about the economy and yet the vast majority of Americans say they don’t feel it, when it comes to the economy. They give President Biden a low score on the economy. He doesn’t resonate with voters. Because you think obviously you butted heads with President Biden in 2020. He promised that, in essence, he would build a bridge to the next generation. Do you think it’s time to pass the baton?

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Again, I believe in President Biden because I believe he is a good moral person who has the backs of the people of this country. And the very examples I cited as over and over again people have sided with election deniers and the like. So I’m proud to support Joe Biden for president. As far as challenges go, the challenges are real. And that’s why not only President Biden, but many of us in the Senate, have led the way in reducing costs. You don’t have to just talk,

Welker then interrupted Klobuchar because she was trying to divide Democrats and seemed to come from the school of thought that objectivity equates to comparing Democrats to Republican talking points.


Welker’s entire basis for his theses was Republican talking points and polls. The media never seems to question how Democrats win elections if the polls represent an accurate view of the country.

If the economy is such an obstacle. How do Democrats win elections?

Klobuchar couldn’t stand the mainstream media’s arguments about Biden. Democrats need to do what Senator Klobuchar did. He rejected Welker’s premise and reframed the question of what the election is likely to be about, since conventional press wisdom will likely be wrong in November.

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