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TEL AVIV, Israel, ZURICH and NEW YORK – SHL Telemedicine Ltd. (NASDAQ: SHLT, SIX: SHLTN), a company specializing in advanced personal telemedicine solutions, announced that results from the TELE-ACS clinical trial will be presented at the American College of Cardiology’s 24th Annual Scientific Session and Exhibition (ACC 24). The study, a collaboration with Imperial College London, examines the effectiveness of remote assessment of the cardiovascular patient with post-acute coronary syndrome using SHL’s SmartHeart® technology.

The presentation, scheduled for April 6, 2024, will reveal the full results of the TELE-ACS study, a study that could mark a significant advance in telemedicine for cardiovascular care. The study focused on high-risk patients following acute coronary syndrome and used SHL’s SmartHeart® 12-lead ECG technology for home monitoring.

Erez Nachtomy, CEO of SHL Telemedicine, expressed pride in the study’s selection for ACC 24, recognizing it as a testament to the diligent efforts of the Imperial College London team. The findings, currently under embargo, will be shared with the global cardiology community at the conference.

SHL Telemedicine, listed on both the SIX Swiss Exchange and the Nasdaq Stock Exchange, provides telemedicine systems and medical call center services, focusing on cardiovascular and related diseases. The company offers its services and devices to subscribers through telephone and Internet communications technologies.

The announcement is based on a press release and the information is expected to be of interest to investors and the medical community, as it may influence the adoption and integration of telemedicine technologies in the care of cardiovascular patients. The ACC 24 presentation will provide attendees with the opportunity to learn more about the potential benefits and applications of remote monitoring for patients with cardiovascular disease.

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As SHL Telemedicine Ltd. (NASDAQ: SHLTN) prepares to reveal results from the TELE-ACS clinical trial, investors and stakeholders are closely watching the company’s financial health and market performance. According to the latest data from InvestingPro, SHL Telemedicine holds a market capitalization of $110.19 million, indicating its size and importance in the telemedicine industry. Despite the recent challenges, as the stock has performed poorly over the past month with a decline of 16.55%, SHL Telemedicine’s cash exceeds its short-term obligations, which could provide some financial stability to the company.

Tips from InvestingPro suggest that SHL Telemedicine is trading near its 52-week low and operating at a moderate debt level, which could present a buying opportunity for investors who believe in the company’s long-term prospects. Notably, the company has not reported a profit in the last twelve months and does not pay dividends to shareholders, indicating that potential investors should have a risk tolerance and focus on the growth potential.

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