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A trucking company cancels New York-bound loads on Monday following a $355 lawsuit against President Donald Trump by the New York State AG.

As Patty McMurray reported on Saturday, truckers have bravely denounced some of the worst Covid shutdowns in the world by parking their trucks in Ottawa to protest the iron-fisted approach used against citizens by Justin Trudeau’s regime. Truckers in the United States showed solidarity with their Canadian neighbors and helped block shipments between the United States and Canada in Detroit, Michigan. Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, under consideration for Joe Biden’s running mate, quickly threatened to arrest truckers who dared block the Ambassador Bridge.

American truckers are now reportedly threatening to stop deliveries in New York City over Judge Engoron’s grotesque $350 million judgment against President Trump and his sons Don Jr. and Eric on Friday.

Aside from first responders, is there another profession in the United States that proudly wears patriotism on its sleeves like the American truck driver?

An American truck driver known as “Chicago Ray” shared a video on social media yesterday explaining why truck drivers across America are planning to stop deliveries in New York.

Now this…

According to TikTok user SurvivalJunkie2, a company that was previously supposed to provide cargo for transportation to New York has announced that it no longer has cargo destined for the state.

“I just got a call from a company I was getting a load from and they just told me they don’t have any loads going to New York. So if you’re in New York, you’re not going to get anything from these drivers.”

According to him, the decision is not limited to individual truck drivers but is a strategic move by the companies themselves.

“I don’t know if it’s true, but I know that now companies are saying they don’t deliver loads, not just truckers, it’s companies,” the driver added.

“Also, get ready. New York shit could hit the fans in the next couple of days,” she warned.

Via SurvivalJunkie2

Truckers for Trump isn’t just a slogan: it’s real.

Make it happen.

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