ProcessUnity introduces the industry’s all-in-one third-party risk management platform


BOSTON–(COMMERCIAL WIRE)– ProcessUnityprovider of comprehensive end-to-end third-party risk management and cybersecurity solutions for leading enterprises, today announced the full integration of the Global Risk Exchange (formerly CyberGRX). Newly introduced capabilities delivered through the integration, along with the company’s foundational workflow platform, elevate ProcessUnity to the industry’s only all-in-one risk platform for modernizing third-party risk management (TPRM). Now, through a single, combined offering, risk managers can positively transform their TPRM program from static, limited, labor-intensive coverage to continuous monitoring and mitigation across the entire third-party ecosystem.

Today, companies compete as digital ecosystems, which requires the continuous onboarding of more and more vendors, partners and third parties. This influx has exacerbated cyber risk and introduced additional risk dimensions such as ESG, geopolitical and financial. Despite the increased demand for TPRM, human, technical and capital resources within most organizations remain unchanged. The lack of modernization within TPRM programs impacts risk teams’ ability to adequately assess their third-party ecosystem, often focusing primarily on third parties classified as high risk. According to Forrester, 69% of risk decision makers identified their TPRM program as manual. “Even more concerning: Only 30% indicated that their organization’s TPRM program evaluates at least half of existing third-party relationships.” (Forrester, The landscape of third-party risk management platforms, Q4 2023)

The exponential rise of third parties and stagnation of TPRM resources reveals a vulnerability from which no company is exempt and is pushing procurement, risk management and IT executives to think differently about how to approach TPRM. Today, ProcessUnity actively provides the foundation for organizations and third parties around the world to move from managing assessments to actually mitigating risk. The company’s all-in-one third-party risk platform combines the power of:

TPRM automation: With a single configurable platform, ProcessUnity helps organizations manage the growing complexity of supply chains and third-party relationships with tools to identify and assess risks associated with each external party, monitor third-party performance, and ensure effectiveness of external control.

Universal data core: Third-party risk management, by its nature, involves managing large amounts of data. Managing these datasets, derived from multiple sources, can be a daunting task. ProcessUnity simplifies this process by providing a unified platform where all third-party risk data can be efficiently stored, analyzed and managed in a single system of record.

Global risk trading: With more than 15,000 standardized and attested risk assessments validated by strategic audit partners and cyber risk data on nearly 300,000 third parties, the Global Risk Exchange represents a significant advance in third-party risk management. The library includes large, difficult-to-rate third-party ratings that typically do not respond to rating requests. This wide range of assessments not only speeds up the TPRM process but also improves its effectiveness.

AI-powered TPRM teams: When applied to TPRM, AI gives teams greater reach, greater consistency, and the insights needed to identify and mitigate potential risks efficiently. ProcessUnity’s suite of AI tools: Self-inherent risk, Predictive risk profiles AND Policy evaluator — elevate human performance and ensure consistency in risk assessments.

“We have seen tremendous success in TPRM modernization as a direct result of our solutions,” said Sean Cronin, CEO of ProcessUnity. “We pride ourselves on enabling organizations of all sizes and maturity levels to gain visibility into every single third party in their ecosystem, calculate criticality based on inherent risk, make data-driven decisions, adapt and scale their program accordingly over time and elevate staff performance with artificial intelligence. Through these efforts, we are not only changing the lives of CISOs and TPRM executives and teams, but we are also producing immeasurable benefits for businesses by minimizing losses, building trust and freeing up critical resources.”

Serving as a force multiplier in a TPRM program, ProcessUnity enables executives to eliminate trade-offs, gain data-driven control, automate prioritization, improve team performance, and scale up/down complexity to conquer complexity and conditions of the market. Independent research has validated that TPRM leaders using ProcessUnity relationship a 50% reduction in supervision time, an 85% reduction in third party onboarding time, an 85% reduction in post-contract risk assessments and a 90% reduction in report production time.

ProcessUnity has been recognized as a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Third-Party Risk Management Platforms, Q2 2022 and was nominated winner at Cyber ​​Defense magazine’s 2023 Black Unicorn Awards.

Ready to start your journey to mature third-party risk management? Join the movement.

About ProcessUnity

ProcessUnity is a leading provider of cloud-based applications for managing third-party risk and cybersecurity performance. The ProcessUnity platform unifies how organizations assess, measure and mitigate risk through automation. Built by a team of risk experts and deployed in the world’s leading enterprises, ProcessUnity solutions align programs and people to create a comprehensive defense against critical business risks. Headquartered outside of Boston, Massachusetts, ProcessUnity has earned recognition from leading analytics firms, customers and partners. For more information visit

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