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ANAHEIM, CA – Phoenix Motor Inc. (NASDAQ:PEV), a manufacturer specializing in heavy-duty buses and medium-duty vehicle electrification, has delivered an all-electric, zero-emission Z400 shuttle bus to the City of Grand Terrace, marking notable progress in its efforts of sustainable transport in the city. The electric service vehicle, based on a Ford (NYSE:) E-450 chassis and powered by Phoenix Motorcars, was partially funded by the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District’s VW program, which supports California’s efforts to reduce vehicular pollution by replacing old gas and diesel buses.

The City of Grand Terrace expressed pride in acquiring the electric bus through the Volkswagen (ETR:) Environmental Mitigation Trust, underscoring its commitment to protecting the environment. The bus is designed to meet the transportation needs of elderly and disabled residents, providing access to essential services and events while contributing to cleaner air quality. Operated by a dedicated member of the city’s transportation team, the bus is a testament to Grand Terrace’s commitment to reliable and environmentally friendly transportation solutions.

Equipped with a 105 kWh battery pack, the Phoenix Z400 shuttle offers a range of up to 115 miles and can be fully recharged in two to three hours using a 50 kW Level III charger. According to the company, the electric shuttle could reduce annual air emissions by approximately 61 tons per vehicle, as well as significant reductions in maintenance and fuel costs.

Thomas Allen, Phoenix vice president of sales and marketing and a Grand Terrace native, expressed his excitement at contributing to his hometown’s air quality improvement efforts. He highlighted the Phoenix Z400’s lower total cost of ownership as justification for the city’s investment in zero-emission transportation.

Phoenix Motor Inc. has more than a decade of experience electrifying mid-size vehicles, with more than 4 million miles driven in all-electric mode with its systems. The company’s CEO, Denton Peng, reiterated the importance of adopting electric shuttles to meet California’s climate action goals and positioned Phoenix as a leading shuttle provider in the state.

This delivery is part of Phoenix’s broader mission to design, develop and produce electric vehicles and technologies for the commercial electric vehicle market, including a range of electric vehicles and chargers. The information in this article is based on a press release.

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