PETA targets maker of animal-themed carousel rides


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Over the years, the animal rights group PETA has taken on some strange causes.

Now you can add another to the list: carousels that unjustly enslave poor, innocent plastic animal representations!

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Does PETA have a problem with animal-themed rides?

Wrap your head around this.

Fox News reports: “The animal rights organization, PETA, has urged Kansas’ largest ride manufacturer to stop producing and selling animal-themed rides.”

“Children learn through play, and by teaching them to have respect and compassion for all living things, feelings can help create a more just and merciful world,” PETA President Ingrid Newkirk said in a press release.

Now, that’s not such a crazy thing to say. Conservatives are natural conservationists and animal lovers. They want their children to be kind to all of God’s creatures. But how does this relate to plastic carousel seats shaped like animals?

The story continued:

PETA implored Aaron Landrum, president and CEO of Chance Rides, in a letter Tuesday to end its production of animal-themed rides and instead produce figures shaped like cars, airplanes, spaceships, bulldozers and other vehicles.

The PETA president said the carousel’s different-shaped objects “will engage children’s imaginations” as well as “showcase human talent.”

“PETA urges Chance Rides and all other ride manufacturers to curb old-fashioned animal-themed rides and embrace designs that engage children’s imaginations and showcase human talent,” Newkirk said.

PETA claims that the animal theme contributes to connoting the use of animals as a “means of transport” and “entertainment”.

Interestingly, PETA doesn’t think too terribly about this. Kids would love a ride featuring fighter planes, sports cars, heavy machinery or spaceships. But again, these things don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

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PETA is being stupid

This censorship is therefore absurd.

No animals are harmed. At all.

However, PETA suggested to Landrum in a letter that “the company discontinue the production and sale of animal-themed rides that normalize the use of animals as transportation and entertainment and instead produce ride figures shaped like cars , airplanes, spaceships, bulldozers, and other vehicles or more outlandish designs, such as shooting stars, rainbows, or brooms.

There is nothing wrong with portraying animals as long as no one hurts them.

If nothing else, you are glorifying them for the wonderful creatures God created and how they relate to man.

This is good.

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