Ozzy Osbourne attacks anti-Semitic Trump Pal Kanye West

Heavy metal legend Ozzy Osbourne has criticized Kanye West for stealing his music after Osbourne denied West permission because he is an anti-Semite.

What did Ozzy Osbourne post about Kanye West?

Ozzy Osbourne posted on X:

@kanyewest asked for permission to sample a section of a 1983 live performance of “WAR PIG” from the US vocalless festival and was refused permission because he is an anti-semite and has caused untold pain to many. HE WENT AHEAD AND USED THE SAMPLE AT HIS ALBUM LISTENING PARTY LAST NIGHT ANYWAY. I DO NOT WANT ASSOCIATION WITH THIS MAN!

Music is everything to the artist. It is their heart and soul. It is also their life’s work. There’s something about Trump and the people in his orbit that think it’s acceptable to steal other people’s work. In Trump’s case, he is alleged to have committed so many serious crimes that intellectual property theft is pretty low on the list.

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It’s nice to see a legend like Ozzy Osbourne defend his work and character while disavowing any association with Kanye West.

Now, if you had told me in the ’80s that I would one day write a story about Ozzy Osbourne, who was protested by his parents and thought of Satan’s house band as a man who would stand against bigotry and for decency forty’ Years later, I would need to be filled in with a lot of details.

As a fellow artist, Kanye West knows this well, and let’s hope Osbourne’s team puts a stop to Kanye’s theft.

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