OUTRAGEOUS: IRS contractor who stole and leaked Trump tax returns could face little to no prison time | The Gateway Expert

Last fall, an IRS contractor named Charles Littlejohn admitted to taking a job at the IRS with the goal of stealing Trump’s tax returns, which he did.

The Gateway Pundit wrote an extensive report on Littlejohn and his crimes.

Now we are learning that Littlejohn will likely see very little or no prison time, because the Department of Justice has allowed him to plead guilty to only one crime. That’s because Trump officials will go to prison for next to nothing.

From really clear investigations:

Indulgence at hand for anti-Trump leakers of thousands of tax returns

Another apparent “sweetheart deal” negotiated by President Biden’s Justice Department in a politically challenging case is attracting attention.

Former IRS contractor Charles Edward Littlejohn, who stole and helped publicize the confidential tax records of Donald Trump and about 7,500 other wealthy Americans, could face little or no prison time when he is sentenced later this month, because the Justice Department allowed him to plead guilty to a single crime.

In a new court filing, prosecutors acknowledge that the plea agreement “does not take into account the fact that he leaked thousands of individual tax returns. His [sentencing] the range would be the same today if he had leaked just one return.”

But instead of seeking prison time for each of his crimes — or even for the two separate mass burglaries he committed, one in 2019 and another in 2020 — the Justice Department is asking a federal judge to sentence Littlejohn to just 60 months, the maximum for a single crime provided by the statute. Some political leaders angry over the plea deal say he should be given 60 years, not months, for his crime: the largest theft of IRS taxpayer data in history.

Lawyers for Littlejohn, 38, argue that he actually deserves an even lower sentence, closer to the four-to-10-month range called for in the presentence report, in part because he leaked reams of stolen private tax data on income to “reputable news organizations – the New York Times.” Times and ProPublica – who she knew would handle the information responsibly.”

We do not have equal justice under the law. The left gets away with doing pretty much whatever it wants to do.

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