Nigerian University launches cybersecurity degree programme

The Nigerian University of Technology and Management (NUTM) has launched three undergraduate programs in cybersecurity and related fields.

Nubi Achebo, director of academic planning at NUTM, said in a press conference that bachelor’s degrees in computer science, cybersecurity and information technology will be offered as part of a curriculum characterized by “informatics, entrepreneurship cornerstones, development of professional skills and experience in the sector”. “

Adjuncts and faculty will provide instruction, and the university plans to bring in venture capitalists to fund projects that arise from student research, according to local media reports.

According to senior NUTM staff, the university’s mission is to provide world-class academic excellence in Africa, equip young people with essential knowledge and skills, and inspire innovation.

In recent weeks, speeches at the Nigeria Economic and Financial Crimes Commission have called for conviction scammers to be retrained as IT professionals and the nation President Bola Tinubu rejected the country’s cybercrime image.

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