Mike Johnson publishes bizarre border letter

In a letter to the House Republican conference, President Mike Johnson released a letter calling on Biden to sign a Republican border bill, while also criticizing Biden for failing to comply with the law.

Johnson called for the Senate to pass and Biden to sign the House’s Trump-style border bill, and then wrote: “Many of our voters have asked an important question: ‘What’s the point of negotiating new laws with an administration that doesn’t will it enforce? already in the books. If President Biden wants us to believe that he is serious about protecting our national sovereignty, he must demonstrate his good faith by taking immediate action to secure it. He should immediately sign an order to end the mass release of illegal and dangerous people in our country.”

Johnson called on Biden to support the House Republican border bill, while also arguing that Republicans can’t trust Biden to follow the law.

If Biden won’t follow the law, why does Johnson want him to sign a border bill or executive order?

The letter is bizarre, and the only clear position it takes is that House Republicans will not support a Senate border bill. Aside from this singular point, Johnson’s letter is contradictory and nonsensical.

President Johnson’s letter is a textbook example of why House Republicans fail to get anything done. The House Republican majority is a rudderless ship that circles endlessly as the crew bickers among themselves about which direction to take.

Mike Johnson is in trouble and the letter below demonstrates why he shouldn’t be Speaker of the House.

Read Mike Johnson’s letter.

Johnson watches

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