Megyn Kelly Slams ‘Entitled’ Label ‘New Feminists’ for Breaking Up Over ‘Barbie’ Oscar Criticism – ‘It’s Never Enough’


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Earlier this week, we reported that liberals like Hillary Clinton were breaking up Barbie director Greta Gerwig and star Margot Robbie are snubbed by the Oscars. Now, former Fox News host Megyn Kelly is responding to the “new feminists” who are angry that Gerwig and Robbie were not nominated.

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Kelly rings out

“It’s so ridiculous now that women, now that we’re considered equal, obviously, and we’re treated like… 1706293579 we deserve all the awards,” Kelly said on her eponymous SiriusXM talk show. “All the women we choose need to be nominated for positions that we think differently, the fucking patriarchy. That’s literally what they’re tweeting that…” they did a film about the patriarchy and then the patriarchy held them back.'”

Kelly went on to point out that while Gerwig and Robbie were not nominated in the categories in which they should have been recognized, Barbie actress America Ferrera earned an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her work in the film.

“They kept America Ferrera down because she seems really excited about getting this nomination for Best Supporting Actress and Greta got a nod for Best Screenwriter, but it’s never enough,” Kelly continued. “Barbie did not receive enough nominations. Okay, so the new feminists are very, very angry that Margot Robbie wasn’t nominated for best actress and Greta Gerwig wasn’t nominated for best director because, see, they were entitled to it. That’s pretty much what I understand the argument to be.

“Best Supporting Actress, America Ferrera, who was in that movie, got the nod. And for best screenplay, Greta Gerwig was nominated along with the man she co-wrote the film with,” he added. “But that’s not enough, you see. You’re a misogynist unless you actually nominate Margot Robbie for best actress and recognizes Greta in her role as director. And that’s just how life works.

Check out Kelly’s full comments on this in the video below.

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Ferrera complains Barbie Oscar snubs

This came after Ferrera responded to his Oscar nomination by complaining that Gerwig and Robbie had been snubbed.

“I was incredibly disappointed that they weren’t nominated,” Ferrera told Variety. “Greta did pretty much everything a director could do to deserve it. To create this world and take something that had no intrinsic value to most people and turn it into a global phenomenon. It’s disappointing not to see her on that list.

“What Margot has achieved as an actress is truly incredible,” Ferrera continued. “One of Margot’s characteristics as an actress is the ease with which she can make everything seem simple. And perhaps people have been fooled into thinking that the job seems easy, but Margot is a magician as an actress in front of the screen, and it has been one of the honors of my career to see her deliver the extraordinary performance that she did. She brings so much heart, humor, depth, joy and fun to the character. In my opinion she is a teacher”.


Even two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton got in on the action by comforting Gerwig and Robbie on social media.

“Greta and Margot,” Clinton began, “even though it may hurt to win at the box office but not take home the gold, your millions of fans love you.”

“You are both so much more than Kenough,” he continued, borrowing a line from the film. She concluded her post by adding the nauseating hashtag “#HillaryBarbie.”

The liberal collapse in Barbie The snubs at the Oscars were nothing short of ridiculous, and we’re glad Kelly had the courage to call them out. What do you think of what Kelly had to say? Let us know in the comments section.

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