Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert Joke About Trump’s Crazy Valentine’s Day Message to Melania

Trump gave Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel each a target for Cupid’s comical arrows with a crazy Valentine’s Day message.

Stephen Colbert: “No matter what deal prosecutors offered you, you kept your trap shut.”

Colbert said:

Donald Trump celebrated the day by writing a Valentine’s Day card to his wife Melania and then having his campaign send a mass email with the subject line “I love you, Melania.” Unsubscribe. The actual Valentine’s Day text is actually pretty strange. It reads “Dear Melania, I love you, even after every single accusation, arrest and witch hunt, you have never left my side. Through thick and thin, whatever the deal – through thick and thin, whatever be the deal the prosecutors offered you, you kept your trap shut. That’s what I call love. Even what our prenuptial agreement calls negotiated minimum terms.


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Jimmy Kimmel: “Even graphically it looks like a ransom letter.”

Jimmy Kimmel said:

The closest thing to a Valentine Donald Trump got today was an email sent to his supporters. It’s amazing and it’s real. Even just graphically, it looks like a ransom letter. Which I guess is appropriate, given Melania’s current situation. She says: “Dear Melania, I love you! Even after every single accusation, arrest and witch hunt, you never left my side.”

That’s a line from “The Notebook,” right? “I would not be the man I am today without your guidance, kindness and warmth.” Don’t blame her for what happened to you. Then there’s a little box where you can leave a message for Melania that says, “We want 100,000 responses now!” And, of course, a button to donate to the St. Valen Crime Legal Defense Fund. What a lovely and romantic gesture.


Did Trump know about the Valentine’s Day fundraising email?

Melania Trump has nothing to do with Trump’s 2024 campaign. She does not appear with him at campaign stops, she has not attended any of Trump’s court hearings and is rarely seen in public with her husband.

There’s no way Trump had anything to do with that email. It was designed and sent by a professional fundraising team.

Colbert and Kimmel were both right to go to town on this absurd cash grab, in which Trump is trying to scam his supporters out of cash so they can pay his legal bills.

Both comedians were funny, but it’s absurd that Trump cares enough to send a blast of fundraising emails to cover his legal bills disguised as Valentine’s Day is just too much.

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