Jeff Bezos still uses one of his first desks: photo

Every day billionaire Jeff Bezos remembers his roots.

On Sunday, Bezos’ girlfriend Lauren Sánchez shared a photo of the Amazon founder working at his desk on Instagram, along with a second photo showing him at the same desk years ago.

It turns out Bezos still uses one of the same desks from his early days at Amazon.

“When I saw him working this morning, I took this photo. I love that he’s still working from one of the first desks around from the beginning,” Sanchez wrote. “This is where countless hours of hard work meet the heart of day one. Here’s to the endless pursuit of what’s possible.”

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Bezos founded Amazon as an online book retailer out of his garage in 1994. When he started hiring employees for the company, he went across the street to Home Depot and made “desks in doors” for employees to use—i.e. desks with surfaces that were simply constructed door panels.

Amazon says thousands of employees around the world still use modern versions of Bezos’ ingenious original design.

“We built desks with doors because it was the cheapest way to support a desk,” Amazon’s fifth employee, Nico Lovejoy, said in a company blog post five years ago. “Many of the things we do are piecemeal by nature. As long as the piecemeal solution works.”

The desk has become a staple in Amazon’s culture, so much so that the company even gives out a Door Desk Award, meant to represent the company’s core values ​​of frugality and creativity.

However, Lovejoy argued that while the idea was brilliant, Bezos might have wanted to stick to business.

“You would never want to hire Jeff Bezos as a carpenter,” Lovejoy wrote. “He IS much better at other things. I think he would tell you the same thing.”

As of Monday afternoon, Amazon was up more than 60% year-over-year.

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