Jamie Raskin triggers Marjorie Taylor Greene

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) triggered Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) simply by trying to ask a question.

As Representative Greene spoke, Representative Raskin asked, “Will the gentlewoman yield to a question?”

Greene replied: “No, I will not give in to one of your stupid questions that always attack me and attack President Trump.

Raskin then began to have fun: “How about a mediocre question?”

Greene replied, “No, I don’t want your question. NO.”

Raskin continued: “An intelligent question? No. An intelligent question?”

Greene said, “You don’t have intelligent or intelligent questions.”


Jamie Raskin is a constitutional scholar. Marjorie Taylor Greene worked for her father’s company, then owned a gym in north Georgia.

The person best qualified to judge the intelligence of an issue in Congress is probably Jamie Raskin.

Raskin criticized Greene by pointing out that she is a puppet of Putin and cannot stand Trump’s propaganda.
Jamie Raskin managed to trigger Greene simply by trying to ask a question.

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