Jamie Raskin previously called on Republicans to end the Biden impeachment inquiry

After the arrest of the FBI whistleblower who fabricated the Burisma claims on which the Biden impeachment inquiry is based, Jamie Raskin called on James Comer to end the investigation.

Raskin said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA:

In a detailed indictment, Special Prosecutor David Weiss, appointed by former President Donald Trump, showed how key evidence at the heart of House Republicans’ impeachment inquiry was based on a lie.

Special Counsel Weiss’ investigation is only the most recent to debunk the Ukraine-Burisma conspiracy theory at the center of this fraudulent impeachment inquiry.

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It is an undeniable fact that the Republicans’ accusations against President Biden have always been a fabric of lies built on conspiracy theories, and I formally ask President Johnson, President Comer, and House Republicans to stop promoting this nonsense and to place an end to their doomed impeachment inquiry.


Raskin, the ranking member of the oversight committee, was right. The basis of the investigation was proven to be a lie. There is no reason to continue the investigation because it was based on a lie. It’s time for the nonsense to stop. Biden will not be impeached, and Republicans have even less leverage to stand on than when their investigation began.

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