In-N-Out Burger will close its first location in 75 years due to rising crime


In-N-Out closure
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In-N-Out Burger will close its Oakland, California location due to burglaries, property damage, thefts and robberies affecting both customers and employees.

It will be the first location the franchise has closed in its 75-year history, and it’s no surprise that it’s happening in California.

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In-N-Out is out

By now, most Americans are aware of California’s crime problems, particularly in its big blue cities.

The Associated Press reports: “The fast food restaurant selling hamburgers in a busy corridor near Oakland International Airport will close March 24 because, even though the company has taken “repeated steps to create safer conditions, our customers and associates are routinely victimized,” Denny Warnick , In-N-Out’s chief operating officer said in a statement Wednesday.

“We believe the frequency and severity of crimes experienced by our clients and associates leaves us with no options,” Warnick said.

Consider the amount of additional security a particular In-N-Out location should enjoy due to its proximity to an international airport, and yet crime remains rampant.

The story continued:

Oakland has seen a spike in property crimes and robberies across the city across the San Francisco Bay, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

The planned In-N-Out closure is located in a busy commercial corridor that attracts airport-bound travelers and baseball fans attending A’s games at the Coliseum. Since 2019, police have logged 1,335 incidents in the vicinity of the Oakport Street restaurant, more than any other location in Oakland, the newspaper reported.

That number includes nine robberies, two commercial burglaries, four domestic violence incidents and 1,174 auto burglaries, according to Oakland police data shared with the Chronicle. The Oakland Police Department did not immediately respond to a request for data and comment from The Associated Press.

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More crime, less burgers

“Sean Crawford, who works in a building around the corner from the restaurant, told the newspaper that last year he saw two people get out of a car and go from one vehicle to another in the In-N drive-thru lane -Out, robbing people at gunpoint,” the AP noted.

How come criminals feel so free that they can go around robbing people at gunpoint?

Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao said more police officers would be stationed in the area, known as the Hegenberger Corridor, and that “As mayor, I have prioritized this critical step for Oakland.”

That this is the first In-N-Out in the company’s history to close is significant. Crime in Oakland skyrocketed last year: vehicle thefts increased 44% and burglaries increased 23% compared to 2022.

It is difficult to imagine that a business could remain open under these conditions.

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