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You may have become an entrepreneur because you thought being self-employed meant you no longer had to look for work or interview for jobs. But entrepreneurship is about prospecting, cold calling, and constant vigilance for new clients. This is one reason why keeping your resume current is so important, even if you’re not exactly “job hunting.”


Luckily, creating a great ATS-optimized resume is easy with Resoume Resumé Creator. As part of our Same You, New Job campaign, you can get it at a special reduced price of just $24.99 as long as you order by 11:59pm Pacific on 1/9/23.

Resoume makes updating your resume as easy as updating your LinkedIn page. By dropping a link to your LinkedIn, Resoume automatically imports your profile and formats it into a beautiful, head-turning resume that’s optimized to make it through ATS services to get to the top of HR department piles. You can easily create an online version of your resume, CV or portfolio and submit them. It also gives you the power to change colors, themes and fonts.

Resoume also works with cover letters and portfolios, and even gives you the tools to create your own website with a custom subdomain. Once you’ve submitted your applications, there’s a central hub for you to track your interview offers, questions, and more.

Rated 4.5 out of five stars online, one verified customer wrote, “Drag and drop tool to easily create clean resumes. No more worrying about bulky templates breaking after a quick edit.”

Be the same you, with better job prospects with this Resoume Resumé Creator. Order by 9/1/23 to get a lifetime membership at 74% off $95 — just $24.99 with no coupon needed.

Prices subject to change.

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