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Kansas City Chief tight end Travis Kelce is receiving strong backlash from NFL fans after shoving Kansas City Chief coach Andy Reid during the Super Bowl.

Kelce’s meltdown occurred after the star tight end was upset about not catching a pass from quarterback Patrick Mahomes during a Chief offensive play.

In response to Kelce’s attitude about not receiving the ball, Reid took Kelce out on the next play, which infuriated Kelce and forced the 34-year-old tight end to push and yell at Reid, who is 65 years old.


By SB country:

The Super Bowl can lead to some wild moments, but no one had Travis Kelce shoving and yelling at Andy Reid on their bingo card.

This came after the most up-and-down sequence of the Super Bowl for the Chiefs. Kelce felt open and called the ball before Patrick Mahomes shot deep to Mecole Hardman, who was complete. At this point Reid took Kelce out of the game for the next play, which turned out to be a critical fumble by Isiah Pacheco, which took the wind out of the Chiefs’ sails.

Kelce was furious that he wasn’t in the game on the play, apparently believing he could have had some sort of impact on the fumble — or that the play called him, instead of throwing the ball into the end zone.

Here’s how X users responded to Kelce’s meltdown:

Early in his career, Kece was beloved by NFL fans across the league, but after doing a Pfizer commercial and dating pop star Taylor Swift, NFL fans outside Kansas City no longer love the NFL star NFL.

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