etherFAX Pioneering interoperable standards for secure cloud faxing


HOLMDEL, NJ, February 2019 8, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — etherFAX is proud to serve as a co-chair leading the Interoperable Secure Cloud Fax Consensus Body, which defines a proposed American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard that establishes the protocols and mechanisms that will enhance the existing security attributes of fax by adding cross-platform and cross-functionality -organizational identity assurance, standards-based metadata exchange and federated standards for security.

Healthcare organizations, in particular, rely heavily on fax solutions for communication, and the current landscape requires improved security features. The proposed standard will allow them to gain the benefits of these modern frameworks without requiring radical changes in underlying workflows or impractical infrastructure upgrades. By providing these improvements as part of the transmission protocol rather than requiring senders and recipients to make substantial changes themselves, healthcare organizations easily and securely transmit mission-critical medical records, creating better patient outcomes. Additionally, the Interoperable Secure Cloud Fax standard allows healthcare organizations to seamlessly transition to modern interoperability frameworks.

“etherFAX, a founding member of the Interoperable Secure Cloud Fax Workgroup, is excited to lead this initiative, enabling healthcare organizations to use modern frameworks without disrupting workflows or requiring infrastructure upgrades. We are committed to simplifying communication, improving care for patients and advance healthcare interoperability, aligning with a future interoperable secure fax standard in the cloud and etherFAX’s vision to innovate data exchange as the gateway away from fax and into interoperability,” he said. said Ben Manning, Director of Product Management at etherFAX.

etherFAX creates the path to interoperability by enabling agnostic applications to securely communicate and exchange documents and data. By leveraging AI-powered data extraction, unstructured documents such as PDFs, faxes and paper forms can be transformed into structured, searchable data that can be easily integrated into workflow processes and applications.

Learn more about the Interoperable Secure Cloud Fax standard from DirectTrust and if you have any questions please contact etherFAX at 877-384-9866.

About etherFAX

Founded in 2009, etherFAX® provides an intelligent, software-defined network and suite of applications to facilitate the exchange of business-critical documents and information. etherFAX’s patented technology is widely used across a wide range of industries. By leveraging cloud, artificial intelligence and data mining technologies, etherFAX helps organizations save time, money and resources by automating processes and workflows. etherFAX’s encrypted data exchange solutions operate in a HIPAA compliant, HITRUST CSF® and PCI DSS certified SOC 2® environment. For more information visithttps://www.etherfax.netfollow us on LinkedIn at us at 877-384-9866 or send an email [email protected].

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