ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith predicts Trump victory and criticizes Biden and Democrats for aid to illegals and other countries: “What about the poor, desolate citizens here?” (VIDEO) | The Gateway Expert

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith recently lashed out at Biden and Democrats handing out money to other countries and illegal immigrants in the United States, predicting that Trump will win in the process.

Smith looks very much like an “America First” MAGA voter, whether he realizes it or not.

Millions of voters are asking the same questions he asks here.

FOX News reports:

“Ladies and gentlemen, Trump will be re-elected. Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States if these kinds of things I’m reading continue to happen in American cities, Donald Trump is a safe candidate for re-election, even if he’s a convicted felon,” Smith said on his podcast Tuesday night …

“The result for me was this. I see homeless people on the streets of New York all the time who are American citizens, I’m damn sure I’ll see them in California. We have poor, impoverished, hungry people who were born and raised in this nation,” Smith said.

“How the hell do we come up with a $53 million pilot program for illegals, but for people who are here legally, or born here, we don’t have enough for them? Just like we can provide billions for Ukraine, but somehow we can’t solve homelessness,” Smith continued. “I’m willing to help Israel, I’m willing to help deal with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict situation, OK. I am willing to help Ukrainians fight Russia. What about the poor and desolate citizens here?

Watch the video below:

Biden and the Democrats don’t realize how much anger is brewing in the country over this very issue. People see what’s happening and no one is happy about it.

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