DNC Chairman Jamie Harrison dances on Ronna McDaniel’s political grave

DNC Chairman Jamie Harrison had the perfect reaction when Trump threw Ronna McDaniel under the bus by firing her.

Harrison published his reaction to Trump’s ouster of McDaniel:

Good morning to all the people who suggested I be more like Ronna….

We see:

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*NO WINS (Democrats won races across the country: best midterm results since ’34)

*BROKE (Democrats raised dollars at a record pace with a historic COH and put unprecedented dollars into our state parties and not flower arrangements)

*UNEMPLOYED (Important life lesson: Don’t change your name and give up your dignity for a man who only cares about himself)

Let’s keep doing our thing, Democrats.

Let us continue to fight for all the American people.

Let’s protect our freedoms and ensure our democracy.

Let’s re-elect President Biden, keep the Senate, take back the House and win up and down the ballot!

Ronna McDaniel was kicked to the curb by Trump because he used her for everything he could get, and someone has to take the blame for the dire state of the Republican Party.

According to the New York Times, Trump will push for North Carolina GOP Chairman Michael Whaley to get the job for a reason:

Trump likes Mr. Whatley for one overwhelming reason, according to people who have discussed it with the former president: He’s “a stop-the-steal guy,” as one of the people described him. He supports Trump’s false claims of mass voter fraud, and Trump believes he did a good job handing him North Carolina, a 2020 swing state.

Ronna McDaniel and the RNC participated in Trump’s attempt to overthrow the government in 2020, and even that wasn’t enough to keep her job.

The RNC is bankrupt because of Trump. The Republican Party is destroyed because of Trump. Ronna McDaniel asked the RNC to pay Trump’s legal fees and he got rid of her anyway.

Harrison and the Democrats are doing a lot of things right, which is why they continue to win elections. The RNC will likely become even more dysfunctional with McDaniel’s passing, but ousting him shows that Trump is in control.

The moral of the story remains that anyone who associates with Trump will see their career die.

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