Democrats plan to cover House Republicans with Trump’s stink

The Democrats have a plan to take back the House, and it involves covering the do-nothing House majority with Donald Trump’s stink and failure.

Politico reported:

The party plans to spend millions of dollars to tie vulnerable Republicans in key House races to Trump and his MAGA base, anticipating that the likely GOP standard-bearer will be a cornerstone in hotly contested districts.

“Trump was a motivator for the Democratic vote when it was much closer to normal than it is now,” New York Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs said in an interview. “As he’s gotten crazier, I think he’s going to ring the alarm bells for Democrats, Republicans and independents across the country.”

We’ve all seen this movie before, election cycle after election cycle. Every election that Donald Trump is involved in is about Donald Trump. The former president becomes the story of every election. Republicans are wondering whether they think they can turn the 2024 election into a referendum on Joe Biden.

Trump will be the story, and House Republicans will answer for Trump’s latest gaffe, court hearing, scandal, or crazy statement. House Republicans will also have to answer for why they had one of the least productive Congresses in history and allowed Trump to tell them to cancel a border deal.

Democrats will cover House Republicans with Trump’s stick and stand back as voters reject the stench of corruption and failure.

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